Relentless : From Good to Great to Unstoppable I Book Review
Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

Relentless : From Good to Great to Unstoppable I Book Review

“Tim Grover is the master of mental toughness. RELENTLESS This book is the blueprint for discovering what you are capable of achieving, getting results you never imagined, reaching the highest level of success and then going even higher.”     — Kobe Bryant 

Tim Singh Grover is a businessman, motivational speaker, personal trainer . 

His clients including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and hundreds other NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympic athletes, he is the preeminent authority on the science and art of physical and mental dominance and achieving excellence.

Author of the national bestseller RELENTLESS: From Good to Great to Unstoppable .

Relentless is the key for them to become unstoppable . 

so , what are the elements that make up being relentless ? he describes him really well in his book : Relentless – From Good to Great to Unstoppable .

First , he talks about the distinctions between what he calls Coolers , Closers and Cleaners . ideally we want to be cleaners if our goal is to be relentless in our pursuit . 

* Coolers can have an amazing game .

* Closers can have an amazing season .

* Cleaners have amazing careers .


* Coolers worry about the competition and how they measure up .

* Closers study the competition and plan their attack based on the opponent .

* Cleaners make the competition study them , they don’t care who they are facing , they know they can handle anyone . 


* Coolers avoid taking the wining shot .

* Closers take the shot if they know they have a good chance of making it .

* Cleaners just trust their gut and shoot , they don’t have to think about it . 


* Coolers won’t offer to take a role they are not comfortable with .

* Closers will take the role if you ask them and they will do it well , if they have enough time to prepare for and study the situation .

* Cleaners don’t wait to be asked , they just do it . 


* Coolers let others decide whether they are successful , they do the job and wait to see if approve .

* Closers feel successful when they get the job done .

* Cleaners never feel as if they are achieved success because there’s always more to do .


* Coolers don’t want to carry the team , but they are the first to slap you on  the back when you do a good job .

* Closers want the credit for getting the job done and love being congratulated for what they did . 

* Cleaners rarely congratulate you for doing your job , they just expect you to do it . 


* Coolers think they want the spotlight , but when they get it , they usually handle it badly .

* Closers stand in front because they need to show who’s in charge . 

* Cleaners don’t have to show who’s in charge , everyone already knows . 


* Coolers will eat whatever you feed them .

* Closers will order what they want and be satisfied with a great meal .

* It’s doesn’t matter what a cleaners eats , he will be hungry in an hour

The 13 Elements of a Cleaners :

1. You keep pushing yourself harder when everyone else has had enough .
2. You get into the Zone , you shut out everything else , and control the uncontrollable .
3.You know exactly who you are . 
4.You have a dark side that refuses to be taught to be good . 
5.You are not intimidated by pressure , you thrive on it . 
6. When everyone is hitting the ” In Case of Emergence ” button , they are looking for you . 
7. You don’t compete with anyone , you find your opponent’s weakness and you attack .
8.You make decisions , not suggestions , you know the answer everyone else is still asking questions .
9. You don’t have to love the work , but you are addicted to the results .
10.You are rather be feared than liked .
11. You trust very few people , and those you trust better ever let you down .
12. You don’t recognize failure , you know there’s more than one way to get what you want .
13. You don’t celebrate your achievements because you always want more . 

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