35 Most Powerful Jay Shetty Quotes
jay shetty quotes

35 Most Powerful Jay Shetty Quotes

Jay Shetty is a former monk and motivational speaker who is making wisdom go viral . 

In this article , we have picked most powerful Jay Shetty quotes , hopefully those quotes will inspire you and have positive impact on your life . 

1. Fast-forward where you are . look at yourself in 10,15,20 years time and ask yourself the question : is that where i want to be ? if you are in a company , look at the person who’s 20 years ahead of you and ask yourself : is that where i want to be ? and if the answer is NO ,than you need to find a new path . 

2.Failures are only failures when we don’t learn from them , because when we learn from them they become lessons .

3.Never judge anyone , because you never know how their life is and what they go though .

4.Lives as if you were to die tomorrow , learn as if you were to live forever .

5.We will keep facing the same test until we learn the lesson we are meant to learn . the same situation , relationships , issues will keep arising in our lives until we recognize  what we are supposed to take away . we can save ourselves from so much trouble if we choose to listen , observe and adapt .

6.Always tell someone how you feel , because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye , but regret can last a lifetime . 

7.You can not do the big things if you are always distracted by the small ones .

8.If you surround yourself with negative people , you will start to the world more negatively . it’s just the way it is .

9.A relationship without trust is like a car without gas , you can stay in it all you want but it won’t go anywhere  .


10.What we are searching for is not out there , but it’s inside . therefore , happiness is actually an inside job . 

11.What we need to recognize is that the things that we truly want , the things that are deeply meaningful , the things that are genuinely fulfilling , all require patience . they all require work , they all require energy . 

12.The best people to surround yourself with are the people that bring out the best in you .

13.If you are looking around and you find yourself being the smartest person in the room , change rooms because you are in the wrong one . you want to be around people who lift up the way you think , who lift up your mindset , who really take you to new dimensions and horizons that you can never ever imagine yourself .

14.We only view people success as what we see in their highlight reel and we forget that they actually had to go through to get to that stage . and that ‘s why the nest time you see someone that you think is successful , don’t forces on what they are doing now , focus on what they did to get there . 

15.Do’t let someone be a priority when all you are to them is an option .

16.Most people don’t start because they don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom . Don’t be most people . 

17.If you past keeps coming back it’s just to test if you are still stupid enough to fall for it again . Don’t be stupid .

18.Look back to learn lessons , look ahead to get excited , look around to be present , look within to find yourself .


19.Don’t think about what can happen in a month . don’t think about what can happen in a year .Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you , and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be .

20.you don’t know what you need in your life until you figure out who you are .

21.We may not be the best , but if we keep going longer we will better ourselves .

22.Money is only a tool , it will take you wherever you wish , but make sure it does not replace you as the driver .

23.We are so anxious about what will happen in the future that we don’t enjoy the present . The result being , we don’t live in the present or the future . we end up living , feeling like we are never going to die and then die never having truly lived .

24.Everything in life happens according to our time our clock . You may look at some of your friends and think that they are ahead of you . Maybe some of them you feel are behind , but everything happens at their own pace . They have their own time and clock and so do you . Be patient .

25.Go the extra mile , it’s never crowded .

26.The thing about limitations is that they are only true as long as you believe in them . so , instead of believing in your limitations , start believing in yourself .

27.If you don’t sacrifice for what you want , what you what becomes the sacrifice .

28.Swap ” why is this happening to me ?” to ” what is this trying to teaching me ? ” It will change everything . 

29.Reading changes your mind , applying changes your life !

30.Think about what you can do right now , not what you wish you had done before .

31.I know that we’ve all been in that position : felling confused and seriously lacking mission . But then i ask myself : at the end of my life , what will i regret ? And the answer is clear : the pain of regret far outweighs the pain of risk . So nest time you are going though challenges , just remember this : a winner is just a loser who tried one more time . All you need is one person to say YES . One moment can change everything .  There are decades where nothing happens and there are days where decades happen . A year from now you will have wish you started today .

32.It’s not about how slow you go , just as long as you don’t stop .

33.Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing . Your life is about growing yourself and investing in yourself and reaching your true potential . You are not in competition with anyone else .

34.The person that we will become in five years is defined by the people that we spend time with today and the books that we read today .  

35.When nobody else celebrate you , learn to celebrate yourself . when nobody else compliments you , then compliment yourself . It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged . It’s up to you . Encouragement should come from the inside . 

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